Computer-Tech-Support Questions

Who Are Computer-Tech-Support Partners And What Do They Do?

Computer-Tech-Support has a lot of partners which pay a major part of our not-for-profit organisation.

Here is the list of them…

Do We Accept donations?

Yes, we do accept donations, you can donate by clicking here…

All donations are highly appreciated and are spent to help improve our services.

Is The “Remote Support” Software You Use Safe?

Yes, our “Remote Support” software is completely 100% safe.

Is Your Service Completely Free?

Yes, our service is completely free with NO catches.

Are All Of Your Computer Experts Certified?

Yes, all of our agents are certified computer agents.

Do You Give Away Any Personal Details To Anyone?

No, we don’t give out any of your personal details to ANYONE! They’re kept private in our 100% secure database…

Who Can We Help For Free?

We can help people who are disabled or have a disability for free,You will be asked some questions about you for we can give you the best possible help. If you are not disabled or have a disability,we would recommend you to use Assistanz services which you would need to pay for.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?
  • We reply back to emails 7am-10pm BST 7 days a week (Including bank holiday).
  • We answer the live chat at 8am-6pm BST Monday-Friday.
  • We answer phone calls 8.30am-5pm BST Monday-Friday but for out of hours calls, you may leave a message on our answer machine.

I Tried To Use Your Online Chat But No One Responded To My Chat?

We do offer online chat support but sometimes if all our technicians are busy with other visitors, we will not answer the chat until we become available. While chatting can be informative, we may miss your chat during busy times of the day.

Please feel free to call us for free on 01603383370 between 8.30am – 5pm BST or you may leave a message for out of hours calls.

You can also email us on  and we will get back to you ASAP.

How Do We Deal With Complaints?

We deal with ALL complaints very seriously, we investigate every complaint that is made and take serious action if necessary.

To make a complaint, please email Aaron at .