What Are The Best Laptops To Buy ?

If you are a professional and looking for the best laptops, we have created the best of the best laptops that you can purchase in 2019. We understand that sometimes that budget is one of the factors to consider when making a purchase but nobody wants to make compromises by buying the wrong laptop.

People have claimed that e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon usually gives lucrative offers like EMI, Cashbacks and gift coupon. Let us look the perfect laptop to buy that can handle your daily tasks like a boss and thus increasing your productivity. Apples laptops are a good option to buy because they offer good value laptops and includes like high resolutions, fast processor and we have seen that Apple’s macbook air flipkart is the bestselling laptop.

How To Choose A Laptop?

Computer today needs to support huge chunks of software and must at least come with standard office packages which include Microsoft Office, MS Excel etc.  It must run on decent processors like i3 and i5. And should have all the ports like USB, HDMI Ports, Lan Ports etc. And have connectivity like Bluetooth and Wifi.

Best Laptops To Buy

  • Dell XPS

Dell XPS is a  very popular laptop among students and professions. It is known for its powerful designs and comes with high performing processors such as Intel i5 and i7. The storage is powered by faster storages SSD and it can be expanded till 1TB. The viewing angles are great and the resolutions and also the option of Ultra HD screens.

  • Huawei Mate Book X  Pro

This laptop is one of the highly anticipated laptops that ship with a faster processor Intel processor.  The graphic section is powered by either Intel Graphics 620 or Nvidia ForceMX150  and has a minimum Ram of 8gb. One of the most important features is the presence of a 3k display that enables us to watch movies in HD.


  • Mac Book Pro

MacBook Pro is a very powerful machine that does justice to Apple’s line of notebooks. They are known to possess heavy handling powers of intel i5 and i7’s. You will be able to handle day to day tasks easily like photo and video editing and load heavy applications can be done due to the presence of faster SSD. If you are tight on budget and look for offers you can substitute it with macbook air flipkart  ‘s offers as they provide heavy discounts on Apple products. But Retina Display and Touch Bar goes missing in Macbook Air.